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DVD credits


Maria Oshodi – Artistic Director, Extant
Writer and Director

Peter Bosher
Sound Design

Lynn Cox
Visual Artist and Set consultant

Jo Paul


Adam Spiers – Humanoid Robotics Researcher
Haptic Lotus Technical Engineer

Paul O’Dowd – Swarm Robotics Researcher
Haptic Lotus Technical Assistant

David McGoran – Puppeteer and Design Technician
Haptic Lotus Design Assistant

Terry Braun - Director, Braunarts
Film Production and Project Advisor

Gemma Riggs - Video Artist
Technical Invigilator


John Wilson Goddard

Amelia Cavallo

Sandy Easton

John Locke

Tim Gebbels
Isaac Newton

Gerard McDermott
Martin Milligan

Liam O’Carroll
Bryan Magee

Ian Jentle


Prof.Yvonne Rogers -
Human-Computer Interaction, The Open University
User Experience Consultant and Evaluation Design

Dr. Janet van der Linden
Computing Department, The Open University
User Experience Consultant and Evaluation Design

Rafael Cronin
User Experience Coordinator


Alex Eisenberg
Web and Marketing/Production Manager

Mary Paterson
General Manager, Extant
Project Manager

Steve Watkins
Extant Production Assistant

Ruth Dudman
BAC Producer

Sally Rose
BAC Producing Assistant

Special Thanks go to:

Set build assistants: Sara White and
Rachel Owens.

Project assistants: Sofia Apospori,
Eleanor Greenhalgh, Harriet


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